Pet Care Services

Pale timber fencing with curved tops, running alongside our spacious kennels

What we offer at Laburnum kennels

Why not book your cherished pet in for a pamper day?
Animals like to be spoilt, just like humans do.
We offer a full bathing, trimming and clipping service at our doggy parlour. 

Work getting in the way?
We understand most people have to work, and as much as you try to juggle your daily routine so that you can pop home and walk your dog in your lunch break, sometimes it's just not viable.
We offer a doggy day care service, ensuring that plenty of walks are had in our acres of land and a spacious (12'6 x 6), clean and comfortable kennel awaits, with freshly laundered bedding.
Doggy day care is an ideal solution.
Please contact us for details.

Everyone deserves a holiday ... even your pet
If you're going away, the last thing you want to be doing is constantly worrying. Take the stress away and book your beloved pet into Laburnum Boarding Kennels, where a safe, clean and loving environment awaits.

What we offer:
  • Two long walks in our acres of land
  • All animals are fed twice a day and we will ensure their water bowl is never empty
  • Spacious, clean and comfortable kennels, with freshly laundered bedding and clean baskets 
* Individual menus can be created, dependent on your pet's needs.

*All we ask is that your pet's vaccinations are up to date
Proof of this is required*

A green-eyed cat peering into the camera

We'll ensure your cat's stay is purrfect in our cosy cattery

Just like dogs, cats love to be spoilt too.
We ensure that our cat chalets are heated and are complete with cosy bedding and baskets.
We lovingly place heat pads to keep them snug and warm.
As well as being spoilt, cats love their own space.
Here at Laburnum cattery they can have it their own way.

Small animal hotel

Don't forget about your hamsters and rabbits when you go away. Here at Laburnum Kennels & Cattery we have our own animal hotel, where we give your fury babies lots of love and attention.
Call us at Laburnum Kennels & Cattery, Leeds
Inside the cattery
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